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We are the largest association of Protestant, Orthodox and Indigenous churches in Africa.


The AACC fellowship accounts for over 120 million Christians across the continent.


Our programmes are diverse equiping members in Good Governance and Democratic Transitions, Migration and Human Trafficking, Interfaith Dialogue among others.

“We are seen as poor, yet making others rich – seen as having nothing, yet possessing everything (2 Cor.6:10)”

The All Africa Conference of Churches, remains committed to promote unity, hope and dignity in our beloved continent.

Since the year 2009 some of our donors gave us a condition to first generate income from our constituency estimated to be 120 million Christians in Africa. According to them even if 20 million only give, each 1 USD we will get out of the dependency syndrome.

When we shared about this humiliating discussion with some Church leaders and other prominent Africans we have been strongly encouraged to approach churches and individuals in Africa and raise money for the work of AACC because it is our dignity in the continent which is at stake.

This is why the Campaign for African Dignity was launched in Kinshasa on Sunday 12th July 2009 in the context of deep brokenness. It was amazing to see how the congregation in Kinshasa responded generously and enthusiastically during that launching event.

Since then the campaign has been successfully conducted in the Nakuru Diocese of the Anglican Church of Kenya, the Lesotho Evangelical Church, the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda, the Methodist Church in Benin, the Baptist Episcopal Church in DRC, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Ghana and the Methodist Church, Ghana.

Some organizing guidelines

“Little drops of water make a mighty ocean “

At the institutional level, any institution approached responds according to its possibilities, and any support will be recognized. AACC commits itself to share special information from time to time with its supporting institutions..

Individual regular givers (once per year)
African individuals who feel specially blessed and keen on the African dignity will be recognized as special friends of AACC who contribute to its activities.
A special friend of AACC commits to dedicate time to pray personally or with friends for AACC and for the African dignity.

The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the AACC. It is made up of the official representatives of the entire membership of the AACC. The General Assembly ordinarily meets every five years. Eight Assemblies have been held since the first one in Kampala, Uganda in 1963.  At each General Assembly, a General Committee is elected to service the members according to the AACC Constitution.

The General Committee comprises officers elected by the General Assembly and holds its meetings every 18 months.  The current General Committee Members were elected into office at the 8th General Assembly in Yaoundé, Cameroon held in 2002.

The Executive Committee is appointed by the General Committee and is empowered to make decisions on behalf of the General Committee in its yearly meetings.

The Finance and Personnel Committee is a seven member Committee appointed by the General Committee. The Committee is concerned with the finances and personnel issues of the AACC and meets twice a year or as need may dictate.

The General Secretariat - Under the leadership of the General Secretary, the General Secretariat comprises staff, who manages the AACC office on a day to day basis, and also interprets and implements the decisions by the governing bodies.


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