Vision Statement

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VISION : Churches in Africa together for Life, Truth, Justice and Peace (John 10:10).



The All Africa Conference of Churches is a fellowship of churches and institutions working together in their common witness to the Gospel by:

  • Mobilizing to faithfully live the message of God’s love;
  • Nurturing a common understanding of the faith;
  • Interpreting and responding to challenges to human dignity; and
  • Acting prophetically in Word, Life and Service for healing.





In obedience to God and the imperatives of the Gospel we are committed to operate honestly and with integrity, and in the spirit of love.



  • AACC is the prophetic presence and witness of the Churches in Africa.
  • AACC is an ecumenical instrument facilitating synergy amongst its members, with the people of Africa.
  • AACC mobilizes its constituency to speak with one voice on issues affecting the people of the African continent.

AACC’s mandate is informed by the following principles:

  • Proactive in the accompaniment of Churches; AACC is alert and responds to latent or emerging challenges in the continent.
  • Discernment for Positive Transformation; AACC reads the signs of the times, monitoring events, preventing conflicts and facilitating social transformation.
  • Issue Driven and Result Oriented Programmes; AACC programmes represent common understanding of contemporary dilemmas facing the continent and common commitment to action. Initiatives by the AACC are subjected to professional scrutiny and measured by the Christian values of member Churches in the continent.
  • Commitment to the Ecumenical Vocation; The AACC staff team is committed to Christian life and a strong sense of an ecumenical vocation in pursuit of renewal, restoration of human dignity and hope in the continent.

Telephone: (254 -20) 4441483, 4441338/9 Fax: (254-20) 4443241/4445835

General Secretariat : P.O. Box 14205 - 00800 Westalnds,Nairobi,Kenya.