1st AACC Symposium On Misleading Theologies

In recent times we have had an upsurge in different theologies that have come up such as the prosperity gospel, miracle babies, miracle healing, false prophecy, sowing seeds, false prophets (controversial prophets who have been accused of impoverishing their followers while they live lavish lifestyles). Some of these theologies have their own merits and demerits and some even contravene the Bible teaching.  

The all Africa Conference of Churches is holding the 1st symposium on Misleading Theologies. The symposium will seek to identify, analyze and deconstruct misleading theologies in Africa.

The Symposium which will be on 24th - 27th October 2019 will identify how the church leadership can best address misleading theologies and classify the main areas theologies are misleading. That is; Health and Healing, Wealth and Poverty and Power and Authority.

This symposium will target 100 people where 80 will be from Africa (40 church leaders and 40 leading theologians or preachers—preferably those propagating particular theologies in their countries), 20 from partners and Africans in diaspora who may be interested.

Register for the symposium via http://www.aacc-ceta.org/en/news/events/18-symposium-on-misleading-theologies . Registration deadline is 31st August 2019.