The Council of Churches in Liberia Condemns Growing Wave of Violence in the Country

The Council of Churches in Liberia Condemns Growing Wave of Violence in the Country.
The Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) has expressed their concerns over growing wave of violence in the country, witnessed through separate reports of petrol bomb attacks and exchange of gunfire, which threatens the peace, security and stability of the country. 
In a statement issued by the President of the council, Bishop Kortu Brown, he highlighted the need for the government to assure the citizens of its efforts to ensure and maintain a peaceful environment conducive for normal life, business and investment. 
The president was concerned with growing cases of insecurity, stating that it could undermine the country’s image and global standing. 
“The LCC therefore calls on the Government of Liberia to expeditiously investigate these unfortunate incidences in order to bring the perpetrators to justice and to also further deter such unwholesome actions that could brew insecurity in our society,” stated the council’s president. 
The council further called on government agencies including the ministry of Justice as well as Liberia National Police to investigate various mysterious deaths reported in the recent days in the country. 
To collectively address the political, economic and social challenges facing the country, the president encouraged the government to strengthen their partnership with religious community, the civil society, political parties and other national stakeholders.