Addis/ AU Liaision Office

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The AACC – AU story begun in earnest with the movement towards total liberation of Africa from the strong holds of colonial rule.  There was great expectation and enthusiasm, at the time, for change in the continent, for dignity and  for the unity of Africa.  The  Organisation of African Unity (OAU)  which has since  been transformed to Africa Union ( AU ) was created in May 1963 while  AACC was called to its mission in April 1963 . From that time forward, the political and  prophetic messages echoed across the continent, heralding the call of Nkrumah and Sir Francis Ibiam; “Africa must Unite’’ !


Following the welcome change from  the OAU to  the AU in 2002, the AACC undertook an internal assessment  resulting in a conscious decision to work closely with the AU. The AACC established the AU Liaison Office to enable African Churches and ecumenical partners to develop and sustain active, consistent,  coherent and critical witness to Africa’s peace and security; to monitor issues of human rights, justice, democracy, good political governance and socio-economic development through active ecumenical accompaniment with  the African Union  and  its related organs. The timely action taken by AACC in creating the office of the Ecumenical Envoy to the African Union is a significant political and diplomatic move, addressing the above objectives and justifying the activities.

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