General Secretary

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The AACC’s General Secretariat is intended to discern and focus the general and the specific mandates of the organisation. Specifically, the Secretariat is expected to undertake initiatives which strengthen the ecumenical life of member churches engaged in Africa’s spiritual renewal and to coordinate common activities undertaken by the Churches. The Secretariat serves as the nexus between the national, regional, continental, and global agenda of the ecumenical community, fully informed by and imbued with Gospel values. To these ends, it is mandated to utilise all the available tools of modern communication.


The Secretariat implements this vision in the following ways:

  • Membership development and pastoral responsiveness
  • Promotion  and development of good partner relationships
  • Organizational leadership and coordination for effective service
  • Public witness at continental and global levels through an effective communications ministry
  • Promotion of advocacy in all the programmes

It is the responsibility of the General Secretariat to ensure good organisational governance, ensuring that the attendant assessments and evaluations are duly administered in timely fashion.

Telephone: (254 -20) 4441483, 4441338/9 Fax: (254-20) 4443241/4445835

General Secretariat : P.O. Box 14205 - 00800 Westalnds,Nairobi,Kenya.