All Africa Conference of Churches

Conference Des Eglises De Toute L'Afrique

Our values

Churches in Africa together for life, peace, justice and dignity.

Our Mission

All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) is a fellowship of churches and institutions in Africa working together in their common witness to the Gospel by:

  • Mobilizing to faithfully live the message of God’s love;
  • Nurturing a common understanding of the faith;
  • Interpreting and responding to challenges to human dignity; and,
  • Acting prophetically in word, life and services for healing.

Core values

In obedience to God and the imperatives of the Gospel and Christian ethical standards, we are committed to operate:

  • With integrity,
  • In the spirit of love,
  • Respecting the dignity and God’s image in every human being.

Jul 07, 2022 / Comms Office

Invitation A Une Competition De Conception De Logo


Jul 30, 2022 / Comms Office

Statement by The All Africa Conference of Churches on The Occasion of The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons 2022

AACC Statements


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Jul 11, 2022 / Comms Office

Statement by All Africa Conference of Churches on The Occasion of Africa Anti-Corruption Day

AACC Statements


AACC Programmatic Pillars

Essentially, AACC seeks to engage churches in the search for theological positioning through dialogue; walks with its members in their prophetic engagement in their contexts; helps in capacity building and resource mobilization of the churches and accompanies the members, especially during their times of crises.

In light of this, the AACC has identified four programmatic pillars to focus on in the next five years.

These are:

  • Advocacy At The African Union
  • Peace, Diakonia And Development
  • Gender, Women And Youth
  • Theology, Interfaith Relations And Ecclesial Leadership Development