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AACC 12th General Assembly Opens with 60th Anniversary Celebrations

It was such a memorable and inspiring moment of dancing and singing songs of praise, celebration, and thanksgiving to God as the All Africa Conference of Churches celebrated its 60th Anniversary at the National Christian Center, Abuja Nigeria. Hosted by AACC members in Nigeria, the celebration, which also marked the official opening of AACC’s 12th General Assembly took place on 19th November 2023 on the theme, “The Love of Christ Compels Us. 2 Cor 5:14” 

Archbishop David Onouha, President of the Christian Council of Churches Nigeria welcomed all guests and participants at the anniversary. He was joined by other church leaders to perform the Nigerian traditional practice of welcoming guests by breaking and sharing with them the cola nut. 

“AACC was conceived in Nigeria in 1958 and birthed in Uganda in 1963.” Remarked the Rt Rev Arnold Temple; AACC President in his cordial welcoming remarks. 

AACC is the largest Ecumenical Movement in Africa with 210 members in 43 African Countries.

“At the time the AACC began in 1963, there was no country whose member churches could organize such a magnificent event. We really thank God for the growth of this fellowship” Noted Rev Dr Fidon Mwombeki, the AACC General Secretary in his welcome remarks. 

“Africa is My Home. Africa is My Future” Noted Ms Wapalwa Musaba, Youth delegate from the United Church of Zambia, as she delivered the youth message to fellowship on this occasion of celebrating its 60-year journey of growth. 

“This celebration has affirmed to us the young people that the kind of church and society we want to have in Africa is possible. As the AACC continues accompanying us, and by the grace of God, the Lord our creator, we will continue investing our resources, offering ourselves, our gifts, talents, and abilities, and doing everything within our means to not only ensure that we build that loving, just, united and peaceful Church and society in Africa but to also ensure that the AACC is alive through all generations to come.” She continued.