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Capacity Strengthening Workshop on Ethical Leadership for Active Citizenship and Social Transformation

African young people are major stakeholders in the work of the Church in Africa and the continent’s sustainable development. Given that they constitute over 70 percent of the continent’s population, the African youth indeed have the potential to lead the continent through a socio-economic transformation (revolution) needed to bring about the desired positive changes in the continent. 

AACC’s Pan-African Campaign on Africa: My Home. My future., tasks youth leaders with the responsibility of mobilizing young people for active citizenship, enabling them to exercise their agency to drive positive changes within their communities. To advance the youth leaders' efforts in promoting active citizenship, there is a need to strengthen their capacity to serve their constituents, countries, and Africa at large as ethical leaders who understand leadership as an opportunity to inspire and empower those they lead to have a positive impact on the world. 

To ensure that youth leadership also contributes to the sustainability of Africa’s ecumenical movement, and God’s holistic mission to the world, it is crucial that the youth leaders are empowered and supported to align their work with the AACC strategy and be models of servant and ethical leadership, emulating Christ in ways described by Philippians 2:1-8. To effect this, the AACC will hold a capacity-strengthening workshop on Ethical Leadership and Active Citizenship for the All Africa Youth Leaders in Kenya. 

Main Objective

To strengthen the capacity of the youth leaders in ethical leadership skills for active citizenship and social transformation for prophetic ministry in church and society

Objectives of the Training

  1. Equip youth leaders with knowledge and skills of ethical leadership 
  2. Enhance understanding of active citizenship and social transformation for ecumenical solidarity and collaboration among participants  
  3. Mobilize youth leaders in preparation for AAYC 2025
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