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Violations of Human Rights and dignity are lived realities among many widows in Africa, where in some communities, cultural norms and beliefs expose widows to traumatizing and dehumanizing experiences. These include but are not limited to denial of inheritance and land rights; eviction from the late husband’s home; humiliating cultural rites, stigma, and poverty. 

On International Widows’ Day, 23rd June 2024, the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) in collaboration with the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, will host an in-person gathering to commemorate the International Widows’ Day 2024 under the theme, “The Love of Christ compels us to accelerate the Achievement of Rights and Dignity of Widows in Zimbabwe.” 

The key objective for this year's Commemoration is to carry out a Training of Trainers (T0T) on Promoting the Rights of Widows in Zimbabwe. The Specific Objectives include: 

  • To increase awareness of International Widows’ Day in Zimbabwe
  • To raise awareness about the state of widows in Zimbabwe and the available legal instruments to protect widows’ rights.
  • To raise awareness of the AACC Advocacy tool kit for justice for widows
  • To strengthen the capacity of widows, women, and men participants to advocate for the rights of widows.
  • To showcase achievements made by widows of the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe from the AACC grants for widows’ programs, as a best practice in the economic empowerment of widows
  • To share experiences of widowhood through testimonies from widows
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