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The love of Christ compels us to build the Africa the Youth Want
Methodist Church Cathedral, Abuja Nigeria.

Youth Pre-Assembly

AACC’s 12th General Assembly scheduled for 18th – 23rd November 2023, will occur at a time that marks 10 years of implementation of the African Union Agenda 2063, and in the last decade of the implementation of the UN 17 sustainable development goals. These two development agendas have significant implications to the young people in the African continent.  A delay in achieving Africa’s sustainable development is an elongation of the social injustices that young people face and increase their vulnerability to poverty, wars and conflicts, modern-day slavery, health challenges, climate change crisis and exploitation, whose consequences make it hard for them to comprehend the love of Christ.

The Assembly is also happening at a time when young people are increasingly migrating from the African continent to other parts of the world with a conviction that out there, it is easier for them to excel and flourish than in Africa. A number of young African emigrants use illegal and risky routes out of the continent such as the Mediterranean Sea and the Sub-Sahara Desert. In light of these realities, the AACC launched a campaign to inspire African young people to acknowledge and love Africa as their blessed home, see the opportunities they have to flourish in Africa, and to work for the Kind of continent that they want to live in and pass over to their future generations. This campaign runs on the theme; Africa: My Home. My Future. During the launch of the campaign at the All Africa Youth Congress in Ghana in November 2022, the young people affirmed that they want an Africa that is just, peaceful, and prosperous.

AACC acknowledges that a just, peaceful, and prosperous Africa requires that the young people themselves are motivated to commit themselves to the work of transforming their countries and the continent.  Africa has the youngest population in the world, with 70% of sub-Saharan Africa under the age of 30. This high number of young people is indeed very vital in achieving Africa’s sustainable development agendas. Additionally, they form both the current and future human force needed for the growth and sustainability of ecumenism in Africa, and Globally. It is for this reason that the young people in Africa need to be supported to fully participate in all decision-making processes, given space to participate in governance, and trusted with the power to act, work, and innovate to make a difference in Africa’s ecumenical movement’s holistic mission and developmental work.

To foster this, AACC is organizing an in-person youth encounter inform of a youth pre-assembly on the theme; “The love of Christ compels us to build the Africa the Youth Want”.  Which is in line with the AACC’s campaign on Africa: My Home. My Future. In addition to strengthening the youth leader’s capacity to confidently participate in the entire life of AACC’s assembly, this youth pre-assembly will create platforms for constructive engagements among Africa’s youth on their role in fostering Justice, peace and prosperity for Africa as their home and future. The pre-assembly will also provide the participants with a safe space to network and build the solidarity that would foster their joint efforts as ecumenical youth leaders in Africa beyond the assembly.

Main Objective
To Prepare and accompany Christian youth leaders for a meaningful participation at the All Africa Conference of Churches General Assembly, and enhance the ecumenical youth contribution to Africa’s sustainable development beyond the assembly.  
Specific objectives 
To provide a safe ecumenical space for the participants to interrogate the prophetic role of the Church in Africa’s sustainable development. 
To provide a safe space for the participants to network and strategize for meaningful participation at AACC’s General Assembly election into AACC’s governance bodies  

16th – 18th November 2023

Methodist Church Cathedral, Abuja Nigeria. 

Event End