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Understanding Population Dynamics and Demographic Dividends: Sociological and Theological Reflections on Sustainable Population Growth and Development


Rapid population growth can have serious consequences for the well-being of humanity worldwide. It impacts on development both positively and negatively depending on the circumstances. As a Christian organisation, AACC is concerned that the population growth in the continent does not commensurate with the ability of African governments to provide basic social services. In countries where social services are provided, the governments are not able to sustain it. As a result, the quality of our social services, including education and health keeps falling, leading to the many issues facing people in the continent such as irregular migration and human trafficking, Gender Based Violence (GBV), upsurge in crimes, unemployment, underemployment, persistent poverty, urban slums, political unrest etc. The rapid, unsustainable population growth plays a major role in this.
Unfortunately, we realize that the phenomenon of the nexus between population growth and sustainable development has not been taken seriously in both Agenda 2030 as well as Agenda 2063. There is little or no mention of population as a factor in development.
We are also aware that churches in the continent do not have this issue on their agenda, and they are not talking about it. The high growth rate in Africa is as a result of many families not practicing family planning. The controversy among Christians about family planning comes from varied interpretations of a few passages in the Bible on human procreation e.g. “God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it…” (Genesis 1:28). Some Christians use this verse to prohibit family planning. However, the command to be fruitful comes along with the command to be stewards of God’s creation. Thus, as responsible stewards, human beings cannot give birth to the number of children they are unable to raise.
AACC holds that Faith and Science are not in opposition but complementary, and that Science is a gift to Faith from God. Therefore, how can a conversation between dynamics of Population Growth, and theological perspectives of Genesis 1:28 enhance the achievement of sustainable population growth that would intern lead to a demographic divided in Africa? This will be the key area of focus between religious leaders and expert groups in the dialogue.
This consultation will aim at:
1.    Increasing understanding of Population dynamics and demographic dividends.
2.    Enhancing sociological and theological knowledge on sustainable family for sustainable population and development.
3.    Deepening understanding on the intersections of population growth, policy framework and quality of life in Africa.
4.    Increase awareness on challenges of unsustainable population growth on Africa’s transformation and development.
5.    Strengthen collaboration between faith actors, experts, and relevant institutions towards addressing the issues related to population growth and demographic dividends in Africa.

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