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Webinar on South Sudan's Preparedness for Upcoming Elections

South Sudan is a state within the horn and shares borders with several Horn of Africa countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. Despite the hard-won independence, South Sudan plunged back into civil war in 2013, further jeopardizing its fragile stability. The conflict, fuelled by ethnic and political rivalries, displaced millions and exacerbated existing humanitarian challenges. A peace agreement in 2018 ushered in a transitional government and paved the way for upcoming national elections, slated for later this year.

South Sudan is approaching a critical juncture, with national elections scheduled for later this year. These elections hold immense significance for the nation's future stability and development. However, concerns linger regarding the country's preparedness to conduct peaceful, credible, and inclusive elections. AACC has been accompanying South Sudan Faith Community in advocating for peaceful election. As a follow up, AACC is planning to organize this webinar aims to address these concerns by providing a platform for informed discussions on South Sudan's electoral landscape.

Key Issues related to the election: 

Security: Ensuring a secure environment for voters, candidates, and election officials remains a significant challenge. Localized violence and ongoing intercommunal tensions pose potential threats to the electoral process.

Logistical Challenges: Distributing election materials, registering voters, and establishing polling stations across the vast and conflict-affected territories present logistical hurdles.

Legal Framework: Concerns exist regarding the adequacy and clarity of the legal framework governing the elections.

Public Trust: Building public trust in the electoral process is crucial for ensuring widespread participation and acceptance of the results.


  • To provide an overview of the current situation in South Sudan, including the context leading up to the elections.
  • To discuss the key challenges and opportunities related to South Sudan's preparedness for the elections.
  • To generate insights and recommendations from experts and stakeholders on ensuring peaceful, credible, and inclusive elections.
  • To raise awareness and foster informed discussions on the importance of the upcoming elections for South Sudan's future.


  • National and international policymakers
  • Election officials and observers
  • Civil society organizations and Faith Based Organizations 
  • Media representatives
  • The general public interested in South Sudan's peace and development process


Panel discussion with experts on South Sudan's political landscape, elections, and security situation.

  • Representative form African Union South Sudan Desk
  • Representative from IGAD CEWARN
  • Youl Gatkuoth (Pan African Peacemakers Alliance) 
  • Representative of South Sudan Council of Churches 

Q&A session allowing participants to engage with the panellists.

Presentations from relevant stakeholders (optional).


This webinar is expected to contribute to a deeper understanding of South Sudan's preparedness for the upcoming elections. By bringing together diverse perspectives, the webinar aims to identify potential solutions and recommendations for ensuring a successful electoral process that paves the way for lasting peace and stability in South Sudan.


Following the webinar, a summary report will be circulated summarizing the key insights and recommendations. Additionally, the recording of the webinar will be made available online for wider dissemination.

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